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What was your worst bad beat?

Have you ever had a strong straight, only to suddenly lose to a flush on the river? Or worse, how about holding four of a kind, when the other player gets stright flush out of nowhere? Tell us about your worst bad beat in this poll.

What was your worst bad beat?
Quads losing to straight flush

Full house losing to quads

Full house losing to higher full house

Flush losing to higher flush

Straight losing to flush


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Sun 12-07-2009 09:36:16
Yeah, I remember those bad beats...
7-2 Offsuit
Wed 05-08-2009 09:19:26
I had pocket Kings. Hit quads on the flop. Lost to quad Aces on the river.
Fri 12-03-2010 17:14:45
What about today AA preflop vs 3-5 Who hit str8

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