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Poker Slang – Understand the Lingo around the Poker Table

Poker Slang – Understand the Lingo around the Poker Table Video     

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Everyone who loves the game of poker and enjoys playing it knows that this game has a language of its own and it’s only natural that this language had developed over the years.

You see, when you play so many hours every day of the week, you start talking funny and different, and so instead of it being funny, it became the poker slang every poker player ought to know.

In this article, we will share with you 32 common phrases in poker slang so in no time you’ll know what the poker players and your opponents are actually talking about.

Know this poker terminology and start ruling the table, it’s time to be a shark!

Let’s begin…


#1. Poker Jew – Someone that bets the smallest amount of their money possible even though they know they hold a very good hand.

Example: Even though David held a royal flush, he still only betted a dollar, making him a poker Jew.


#2. Poker Folker – Poker players who are addicted to Texas Hold’em

Example: “Hey, Dude. Don’t drink another beer, because there’s a line of poker folker just waiting to take your seat when you’ll have to go take a leak.”


#3. Poker Douche – That guy in your local poker game with the hot poker website gear, the sunglasses and the card suites tattooed on his knuckles. Not the best player, but swears he is.

Example: "get a load of this poker douche's big slick tatoo on his neck."


#4. Poker Boy - Someone that is so obsessed with playing poker, that he forgoes his basic needs like water, food, sleep and having sex with his hot girlfriend.


#5. Poker Bum – Someone who plays and hangs out in card rooms 24/7. He has no career goals or actual income and he plays poker just to get by.


#6. Pokerfuck – A poker player who wins with bullshit hands, despite your all-in shoving with pocket aces or any other good hand.

Example: When a guy called your all-in bet with pocket aces while he’s holding pocket seven, just to catch his seven on the flop and beat you, this guy is a pokerfuck.


#7. Poker Hot – A girl who plays poker but is not really hot, just hotter than most female poker players.


#8. Pokeritis – Addiction to playing poker, whether online, tournaments, pick-up games and more.

Example: When you suffer from pokeritis, you are addicted to poker and have to play everyday.


#9. Poker Joker – That one poker player at the table that no one likes. The poker Joker usually don’t know how to play, so he bets all-in or bets really high so everyone else folds.


#10. Poker Pussy – A poker player who is scared that he won’t bluff or even bet with the best hand.

Example: “Did you see this guy? He checked a full house on the river, what a poker pussy.”


#11. Poker Suicide – Going all-in with a lousy hand in order to end the poker night.


#12. On the Finger – Money that is received on credit.


#13. Play on your Belly – Legal play without any cheating


#14. Rabbit Hunting – Looking at the cards that would have come out if the round had continued.


#15. Road Gang – A gang of cheating players.


#16. Rock Garden – A game consisting of tight players.


#17. Scoot – Means to send some pot winning chips to another player.


#18. Snarker – A player who wins the hand and then taunts the loser.


#19. Splash the Pot – A player who tosses the chips in instead of putting them in front.


#20. Stonewall – A player who will hold a weak hand to the bitter end.


#21. Crying Call – To complain when making a call.


#22. Maniac – A player who bets, raises and re-raises no matter the quality of his hand.


#23. Pay Station/Calling Station – A player who calls better hands, he rarely folds his hand and eventually loses.


#24. Ribbon Clerk – A small time gambler.


#25. Snapped Off – Having a good hand beaten.


#26. Alligator Blood – A player who is tough and plays good under pressure.

Example: Mike's got alligator blood against Teddy KGB (Rounders).


#27. Berry Patch – A game which is extremely easy.


#28. George – A poor player


#29. Going South – Taking money of the table in a cash game against the rules.

Example: Freddy Deeb going south High Stakes Poker incident.


#30. High Society – The highest denomination of chips in the card room.


#31. Tapioca – Being out of money.


#32. White meat – Profit.


Now that you’re done reading, you know your way around the poker table a bit better and these funny words you used to hear are clearer now and no more gibberish to your ears.

Know of more poker slang, poker phrases or interesting poker terminology? Share with us, comment and let’s talk about, player…

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