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5 Bad Poker Habits That Will Cost You Money

5 Bad Poker Habits That Will Cost You Money

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5 Bad Poker Habits That Will Cost You Money!

While focusing on making clever bluffs or deceptive slowplays, it is easy for even experienced players to lose site of some of the basics of making money from poker. This article outlines 5 bad habits that many of us will fall into at one time or another – and suggests remedies which will ensure that you are making the most money possible from your online poker games.

Whether is it seeking the softest poker sites, switching off the games when you feel angry – or just playing within your bankroll, there are ways in which almost every player can improve their profitability.


Bad Poker Habit #1 – Lack Of Bankroll Management

New players especially often fail to appreciate the effect of chance in the short-term in poker. The number one reason for going broke is often a lack of awareness that you need a big enough bankroll to withstand the natural swings in the game in order to profit long-term. This means 20 buy-ins for cash games and 50+ for SNGs / Tournaments. Getting into the habit of playing within your bankroll can ensure winning players will ride out downswings and profit over time.


Bad Poker Habit #2 – Playing Too Many Easily Dominated Hands

Domination in poker describes a situation when one hand is 2/1 favorite over another. This happens with pair vs higher pair, Ace-X vs an ace with a higher side card and Ace-x against a pair higher than the side card. Great if you are on the good side, very expensive when you are the one dominated.

Aces with small side cards are the main danger here, when you call a raise with these hands and hit your ace you are in danger of being ‘out-kicked’. If you pair your side card then you can easily lose to a higher pair. Avoiding situations where you have the potential to be dominated will plug a big leak in many new player’s game. You can always start to add back the ‘danger hands’ as you gain experience in hand reading and post-flop play.


Bad Poker Habit #3 – Site And Table Selection

Many players stick to their favorite site without thinking much about whether they are enjoying the softest poker games. Looking outside the ‘big 2’ of Stars and FullTilt can be a revelation to many players, who are shocked just how soft poker can be. In addition you need to take a few minutes to find the best tables at your preferred site. Look for high pot-size and a large percentage of players seeing the flop on the lobby statistics as a great starting point.


Bad Poker Habit #4 – Calling And Passive Poker

Winning in poker often requires a positive and aggressive style of play. If you are just calling others bets then you will need to show the best hand after the river. When you bet and raise you are giving your opponents the opportunity to fold – and will win more pots. What is more, by betting often you will find that you get paid more when you hit a monster. If you call all might and then suddenly raise with the nuts, do not be surprised if your opponents quickly fold!


Bad Poker Habit #5 – Tilt And Anger Management

There are several forms of Tilt in poker, most common is playing irrationally after a bad beat due to anger and frustration. While some people are better than others, most players will suffer tilt at some point. What you can do is learn to spot situations where you are tilting and make a plan for what you will do. Take a walk, grab a drink and get away from the tables while you chill down – this can save you a lot of money and maybe even your entire bankroll!

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