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Poker Cashback

Poker Cashback

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What is poker cashback? Poker cashback is a sort of loyalty reward which seeks to offer players extra value in direct proportion with the amount of action they put in at the site’s tables. Poker cashback is indeed poker rakeback re-branded. Since a number of online poker rooms have turned their backs on rakeback a while ago, citing its various shortcomings which hurt the sites and their player-base, poker cashback surfaced. Poker cashback is essentially the same as poker rakeback, it’s just that certain operators do not want to/are forbidden to call it that these days.

Like poker rakeback, cashback is all about handing some of the rake generated by the player at the tables back to him. Cash-back is a term used in various online casino promotions as well, where it means the same: as players spend a certain amount of money on the games, they’re given a percentage of it back to keep them coming back.

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Like poker rakeback, poker cashback is based on the amount of rake poker players generate, by paying rake at the cash game tables and by paying tournament fees upon registration into the various tournaments. As such, the way the online poker room calculates players’ individual rake contribution is essential in determining just how much cashback one is eligible for.

There are three main methods of accounting for individual rake contribution.

The dealt rake method gives everyone credit who is dealt into the hand, so at the end of the hand, when the rake is collected, everyone picks up an equal amount of contributed rake credit.

The contributed rake method only credits players who actually put money into the pot. It doesn’t really matter how they put the money in: whether it’s a compulsory bet (one of the blinds) or a voluntary one, it still counts towards the rake contribution in the end. According to this method, the resulting rake in the end is equally divided up among those who actively took part in the pot (put money into it). While this method is a lot more accurate in rewarding those truly responsible for the rake than the dealt rake method, it still leaves some room for improvement.

Enter the weighted contributed rake method, which doesn’t just award rake contribution to those who put money into the pot, it actually takes into account exactly how much money these players contribute. A relatively simple algorithm determines exactly how much every active participant in the pot is due and the money is divided up according to that.

Now then, poker cashback can be a serious source of revenue for higher volume poker players, thus it’s extremely important that one be 100% in the know about how his/her contributions are calculated and added up. Cashback deals are potentially huge, so one should always sign up for one, regardless of the actual volume of action he/she is planning to put in.

Nowadays, it’s safe to say that none of the high-volume players you read about in the news play without such a rake rebate or cashback deal.

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