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Poker Mistakes

Poker Mistakes

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Player mistakes in online poker are just as important as a sound knowledge of the game, the proper understanding of the mathematical odds and the reading abilities which only come through experience and patience. In this day and age of almost unlimited information regarding poker strategy, there are no more secrets to being successful. Whatever strategy approach works for one player, the masses quickly catch one and follow suit.

Being successful at the virtual green felt is therefore no longer a question of being able to out-learn the opposition, but rather, of being able to spot and to exploit the mistakes they make at the table. Indeed, weeding out the mistakes from one’s game is easier said than done. There’ a special class of player out there, known as TAG-fish. These guys know their poker theory and they understand the game too. They mostly play according to the good-old tight-aggressive approach, but they make mistakes all the time. They understand what they have to do, they however do not know when they have to apply a certain piece of tactic and where it’s most efficiently used. These guys get lost in the details and thanks to the mistakes they make, they are the biggest sources of revenue for skilled and successful players.

Beginners make tons of mistakes too, that pretty much goes without saying. For a rookie, a hand presents a bunch of mistake-making opportunities from its beginning till its end. A rookie will make mistakes linked to starting hand selection (he will fail to adjust his range to the circumstances created by the increasing blinds in the poker tournaments and the short or long-handed nature of cash games). He fails to understand the link between the size of the blinds and the starting hand selection and he ends up committing the biggest and most frequent poker mistake of all: he chases his drawing hands too far.

Drawing hands are like a desert mirage for beginners indeed: they just can’t get away from them as they feed on the anticipation of landing the right card, followed by disappointment when they miss their draws time and time again. Of course, for those who actually make a draw or two, the problem only worsens.

With a plethora of useful information available out there in regards to poker strategy, successful online poker has indeed become a game of mistakes these days. Those who avoid making them thrive, while those who don’t and their bankrolls are quickly parted.

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