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Poker Mistakes 2

Poker Mistakes 2

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Most online poker players make mistakes, and yes, that includes even experienced players. Making a minor mistake here and there won’t turn a profitable player into a losing one, but it will certainly cut into his profit margin. Of course, not all mistakes were created equal. Beginners seem adept at committing mistakes which – much like a snowball rolling downhill in wet snow – compound as the hand goes on, gathering other mistakes and eventually costing the player a great deal of money. These sorts of mistakes will break one’s bankroll and it is primarily these sort of mistakes one should focus on at least in the beginning, which of course doesn’t mean one shouldn’t aim for playing 100% optimally at all times.

One of the most basic mistakes beginners make is that they fail at starting hand selection. They do not recognize starting hands which carry good implied odds, a concept which pretty much constitutes the very basis of starting hand selection. Hands like small pocket pairs, suited connectors and suited one-gappers are all hands that should be played in deep-stacked situations, because on one hand – as said above – they carry great implied odds – while on the other, they make for extremely easy and straightforward post-flop decisions, an area which is an Achilles’ heel for most online poker beginners.

This leads us to the next grave mistakes rookies are prone to commit: chasing various drawing hands way too far in the hand, only to fold in the end. While playing various erratic starting hands, they find themselves with enticing-looking drawing hands they just can’t get away from. Hoping to hit the monster, they keep calling the bets tossed their way, and they only fold in the end when it becomes obvious that they have nothing but rags. This way, they effectively end up donating money to savvy players who specialize in exploiting such weaknesses.

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Last but certainly not least, another major mistake made by beginner poker players is in the sizing of their bets. When it comes to the sizing of one’s bets, what one is aiming for dictates the course of action: those looking to force a fold want to place a bet as small as possible yet just big enough to accomplish that goal. Those who want to have their bet called (betting for value) want to make a bet as big as possible, yet just small enough to warrant a call from the opponent(s). The bottom line in all this deal is that it takes a lot of finesse, reading skills and range estimation to be able to properly size one’s bets, but those who fail at it, essentially toss a lot of value right out the window.

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