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Poker Propping

Poker Propping

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What is poker propping? Is it something you too may want to try? The online poker world has long been aware of and enjoying the benefits of rakeback. If you’re only now wondering what rakeback is, you’d do better to be a beginner, otherwise, I’ll have to tell you you’ve missed out on the bandwagon big time. Anyway, the reason I brought up rakeback is that poker propping is pretty much all about rakeback. Players who sign up as poker props do so in order to receive rake rebate deals which sometimes jump the 100% mark, effectively ending up in a zone where they basically pay props for the time they spend at the tables. Being paid to play is every online poker playing wannabe’s wet dream, but isn’t this deal just a little too sweet to be real? Well, it would be if it weren’t for the strings attached to it.

Some online poker rooms may indeed be in dire need of active, action-generating presences at their tables, but they’re not quite desperate about it. Sure, they do give their players generous rewards, but they expect something palpable in return too. The prop restrictions which come with these generous rakeback deals are meant to make sure that the poker rooms do indeed get something for the money they invest. These restrictions are usually aimed at controlling the time that players spend at the tables and the stakes where they play, thus maximizing the impact of each individual poker prop on the overall player liquidity.

Here are a few such restrictions – from among the most common ones: props will be required to sign in with a shift manager every time they begin propping. This way, the shift manager will be able to track what they do at the tables, and if necessary, he will also be able to contact them. The shift manager may ask props to move to a different table, where action is more keenly needed. Some poker prop sites will restrict their props to certain limits/poker variants. Omaha and Stud tables typically attract less traffic, therefore the presence of poker props is needed there more than anywhere else. Poker props will usually not be permitted to take the last free seat at a table and to wait in queue at a full table (they will instead be expected to open up a new table).

Since they already enjoy more advantages than any of the other players, poker props will generally not be allowed to take part in the regular promotions that the site offers. There are promotions though which are made available to poker props as well. In some cases, poker props may have to give up their sign-up bonuses as well. Whether or not one would make a good poker prop is for everyone to decide. What I can tell you for certain though is that there are players out there who had been losers and became winners thanks to these deals.

The poker world is an amazing world and being paid to play is every online poker playing wannabe’s wet dream and it is possible as you can see with so many professional poker player out there who make a living out of this wondeful and interesting game, so can you with time and experience.

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