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Poker Rakeback

Poker Rakeback

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Poker rakeback deals, also known as rake rebate deals carry immense advantages for players. Going into details about why they do doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in this day and age. All those versed in online poker know pretty much everything about rakeback. All those who know not of its advantages will find out soon enough. It is not rocket science after all. What’s less known about rakeback though is that the various deals run a truly wide gamut indeed. There’s square rakeback (deals which span the 30-50% range) which carry no obligations for players. One is merely required to sign up through a specific affiliate and that’s pretty much it. After registration, square rakeback players never have to even think about the fact that they’re enjoying the benefits of rake back. They just get money back and that’s that. Rakeback is transferred to player accounts on a monthly or weekly basis and everything is fully automated.


Those who won’t settle for such square rakeback deals though can take things one step further through poker propping. Poker propping is basically a setup in which players can sometimes get to be paid to play in exchange for assuming certain obligations. The rake back percentages in the case of poker propping are in the 80-120% range. Obviously, whoever earns over 100% is being paid to play. Aren’t such setups too good to be true? Not by a long-shot. There’s a solid reason behind why poker rooms are willing to pay some of their players this way. Those familiar with how an online poker operation works know about the critical player liquidity. Critical player liquidity is about having enough players at the tables at all times to carry the action. Critical player liquidity is also quite difficult to achieve, especially for new poker rooms or for old ones that feature certain unpopular poker variants. Poker props are meant to significantly contribute to the critical liquidity, that’s why poker rooms are willing to basically ‘hire’ them. Poker props are expected to obey a set of rules known as the prop rules, which will basically govern their activity at the tables, maximizing their impact and making sure that the poker site does indeed get something back for its money.


What else is there to know about rakeback? Poker props and square rakeback players can all maximize their rakeback performance by reading up and finding out exactly which of the three most popular rake contribution methods their poker room uses. There’s the dealt rake method (which allots rake contribution – and therefore rakeback too – to all those dealt into the hand), the contributed rake method (which only credits rake to players who actually put money into the pot) and the weighted contributed rake method (which tracks exactly how much money each individual player puts into the pot and distributes rake contribution accordingly). Needless to say, each and every one of these methods has its own advantages and drawbacks and depending on his/her playing style, a player may find one more advantageous than the other.

The bottom line is that for a player who’s really keen on maximizing all his edges (and pretty much every successful player is keen indeed), poker rakeback is a must. It just cannot be left out of the equation. Determining exactly which type of rakeback deal suits one’s playing style/bankroll/goals the best, is every player’s individual responsibility.

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