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The Advantages of Multi-Tabling Online Poker Games

The Advantages of Multi-Tabling Online Poker Games

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The only thing playing a Texas Hold’em online game is playing multiple Texas Hold’em online games!

The majority of Poker players who enjoy the game online, at both professional and amateur levels, enjoy doing so at more than one table at a time. Some pros have allegedly being playing on as many as 20 tables at one time! Although multi-tabling may not be for everyone, there is a special advantage to doing so, and this article examines those for your convenience.

The Advantages of Multi-tabling

Play More Hands per Minute

If you are into action, then multiple-table play may be what you have been looking for. If a standard online Hold’em tables deals 60 Hands an hour, and you are playing six Hands at once, then you have upped your involvement to 360 games an hour –or one Hand for every ten seconds you spend online. If you take advantage of mobile gaming, you can play even more hands, more often, as there is no limit to where you play.

Additional Pre-Flop Scenarios

More Hands equal more pre-Flop situations, plain and simple. You will be able to take advantage of more chances to adjust your playing style to diverse Hands and positions, which extends to different decisions based on pre-Flop Raises and re-Raises, which allow for more ways to Win.

Your Good Decisions –or Chance to Make Them- Increase

There is a famous quote by Mike Caro stating that Poker’s object is not to Win the Pots, but to consistently make the right decision. A lot of the time, one of the most important choices is seeing the Flop. Using the no deposit casino bonus Canada Poker rooms make available allows you a little more leeway regarding this, as will simply playing more games, and you will soon find your decisions getting better, your gut-feel getting more accurate, and your Winnings steadily increasing.

Lower Variance

If you are keeping accurate records of the results of your online Poker play, and we heartily recommend you do, you will notice huge swings between Losing and Winning sessions.

One day you will be hitting all your Draws, your opponents will be Folding to every single one of your Raises, and you will be taking the Pots home every time. The next, a million Outs on the River mean nothing at all, and you get squeezed out of Pots consistently, with no one taking the bait of your brilliant Bluffs.

Multiple tables allow you to experience both aspects of online Poker play simultaneously, Winning and Losing. It takes a lot of the variance out, and while you may not Win as much in one session, you won’t Lose as much either.

A Shorter Time Commitment Required

You could enjoy multi-table session on six tables at once until a total of 1000 Hands has been reached. With an average table dealing at 60 Hands an hour, this total will be reached in a little over two. Reaching 1000 Hands at a single Poker table dealing this many Hands an hour would take more than 20 hours –without counting misdeals, changes in shifts, meals, sleep, or bathroom breaks!

Start experimenting, stay small initially in terms of stakes, and find out if the advantages of multi-tabling in terms of online Poker games suit the way you like to play!
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