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The Best and Worst Starting Hands in Blackjack

The Best and Worst Starting Hands in Blackjack

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In the game of blackjack, the most common question among new players is what the best and what the worst starting hand is. Pro blackjack players, card counters, claim that your starting hand is what determines the outcome, so that question is inevitable. Although there are many blackjack strategies, top blackjack players prefer the basic blackjack strategy and based on that strategy, they give new players the following tips about starting hands. In the end, it all depends on you how you will play your hands, but these useful tips can make it easier for you to decide and see if you can beat the dealer.


The Best Starting Hands in Blackjack

Experienced blackjack players say that one of the best starting hands in blackjack is the soft eighteen. This means that you should hold an ace and a seven in your hands. This is the hand where you get a value of 0.39 of your original bet. The second best hand is the hard eleven. In this case, you can hold a 3-8, 2-9, 4-7, or 5-6. These give you a total of 0.6 of your original bet.

The next good hands are the hard and the soft twenty. The hard is when you hold two tens and you have a 0.79 value and the soft 20 is when you have an ace and a nine. Over the long term, these two hands can win you $79 for every $100 wagered. But, the absolute best hand is the natural 21, which gives you 1.5 times your original bet. But you must be lucky enough to get a 10-valued card (K, Q, J, 10) and an ace.


The Worst Starting Hands in Blackjack

The worst possible hands you can get in blackjack, dreaded by all blackjack players, are the hard or the soft 16. No matter whether you have an ace and a five, a pair of eights, a ten and a six, you’re doomed. The only way you save yourself from the hard 16 misery is to hit if the player shows a high card (seven through ace) or stand if he shows a small card (two through six). In case of the soft 16 (an ace and a five), never stand and never surrender. You can double if the dealer shows a weak 6, 5, or 4 cards or hit.

And you probably know that when you have a pair of eights, you should always split, regardless of the dealer's cards. This will save you from losses in the long run. Another hand that frightens players is the hard 12, especially if the dealer reveals a 2 up card. Here, if you draw, you may get a picture card and go bust. If you stand, the chances are you will only win 35% of the time and if you hit, only 37% of the time. So the best option here is to take advantage of that 2 % as in the long run you’ll get more if you hit than if you stand.
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