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Daniel Negreanu makes a great laydown as he throws away three of a kind jacks

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Being a true poker player means to know when to throw away your hands. Many players "fall in-love" with their hands and don't release them when needed.

It's not so easy to throw away a monster hand and even the pros sometimes stay too long with their hand and lose, but when you know to throw away your hand, then you could master the game.

Watch as Daniel Negreanu reads the situation in front of him correctly and decides to throw away his three of a kind jacks. A great and difficult laydown but a true poker pro!


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Wed 29-07-2009 03:21:04
I don't think I would have folded, that is why I play at home and he plays out there in live tournaments
Wed 29-07-2009 03:22:41
Daniel is maybe the best player reading his opponent's hands - I don't know a lot of people too who would have folded in this situation so feel free playing poker at home, that is why he's a pro
Tue 22-06-2010 19:24:49
C'moon nowadays lot player could fold it!

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