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Jamie Gold and Sam Farha battle on High Stakes Poker as they hold KK vs. AA

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How great is it receiving pocket kings or pocket aces pre-flop? You're all excited, sure the hand is yours and you only think how you can earn as much money as possible with this hand.

I'm sure Jamie Gold thought this as well when he saw his pocket kings, not knowing he's about to have a hard time against Sam Farha's pocket aces.

Watch Gold and Farha compete for a pot worth almost $400,000 on High Stakes Poker as they hold KK vs. AA

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Wed 29-07-2009 03:10:29
wow losing with pocket kings is so harsh I feel so sorry for Jaime poker can be cruel sometimes
Wed 29-07-2009 03:11:38
Farha is king (or aces)! He should thank the dealer and kiss him for dealing Gold pocket kings
Wed 29-07-2009 03:14:26
kissing the dealer? so he was lucky now wait 'till the next time he losses then we'll see who he'll kiss or bite :)

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