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Phil Hellmuth wins his first WSOP bracelet (1989)

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The 1980's were the years of Johnny Chan, Stu Ungar, Bill Smith and more, but a young kid named Phil Hellmuth decided he wants a shot at the WSOP.

It was in 1989 that the world was exposed to this kid who will become one of the best in the world of poker and a character not easily forgotten.

Here is the final hand where Phil Hellmuth defeats Johnny Chan to win his first ever WSOP bracelet with pocket nines. From there on he mastered the WSOP tournaments and has 11 WSOP bracelets to this day.

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Wed 29-07-2009 02:59:00
before he became a poker brat, Chan didn't know who this kid was
Wed 29-07-2009 02:59:37
his first win and against the master

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